Alan Strauss Founder, Sales Concepts, Inc.

Alan Strauss

Founder, Sales Concepts, Inc.

Alan Strauss essentially has been on straight sales commission since leaving the Air Force. His career has included sales, sales management and administration in several industries, as well as ownership of several successful businesses. Since 1987, Alan has been the senior trainer and coach at Sales Concepts, Inc. His training, coaching and consulting has been instrumental in helping thousands of negotiators and sales professionals improve their businesses, enabling them to do more paid business at much higher profits and in far less time. Sales Concepts, Inc. also helps sales managers and business owners hire the best possible sales people and sales managers with the fewest possible mistakes. Alan’s clients come from diverse industries including accounting, construction, consulting, distribution, engineering, financial services, insurance, investments, law, manufacturing, real estate, services, software and technology.

Alan is certified as an “Expert Witness” on sales and sales management issues by several court systems in Ohio.