Adam Salon Partner, Entrepreneurial Services

Adam Salon

Partner, Entrepreneurial Services

Adam is the partner of entrepreneurial services for JumpStart’s Northwest Ohio office. He is responsible for all services and resources provided to our tech and non-tech entrepreneurs and business owners. He is heavily involved in entrepreneur engagement, collaborator and partner relations and deal flow management.

Adam also runs Sabo Investments, which provides growth capital for small businesses, including asset back lending, private equity and securing nontraditional sources of funding. He has started several businesses, served as a venture investor and experienced multiple exits. Adam also worked as an entrepreneur-in-residence at The University of Toledo’s Launchpad.

Adam is head lacrosse coach at St. John’s Jesuit High School and previously coached football at Bowling Green State University, Northwestern University and The University of Toledo. He also coached high school football.

Adam earned a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from Wabash College.