What Sets Our Process Apart

Whether you are a high-tech startup or an established business with great growth prospects, you need entrepreneurial talent – the unique kind of talent that thrives in unpredictable situations, elevates under pressure and adapts well to rapid changes in direction.

At JumpStart, we know what top entrepreneurial talent looks like, because we work with entrepreneurs every day.



We’ve spent more than a decade working with entrepreneurs. We’ve matched more than 500 employees with early-stage, high-growth companies at a vulnerable time when every new hire can make or break a young venture
Entrepreneurs live and die by cash flow. Often they need the influx of talent before they can afford to pay fees to a recruiter. Our flexible pricing structure fills in where the private sector can’t, requiring less money upfront and even deferring fees until success milestones have been met.
Our work doesn’t end once your employee starts. Not only do we assist in finding the perfect candidates, we also provide the services that allow those candidates to become and stay successful within your company.

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additional services

Enhanced Talent Services

In addition to the expected talent recruitment services—like performance-based job profiles, candidate referrals, interview facilitation and job offer negotiation—we offer enhanced services as well.

We’ll work closely with your hiring manager to create descriptions that are clear, compelling and informative. We’ll create a detailed blueprint for the entire interview process, including specific questions to help you screen your candidates.
Our work doesn’t end once your employee starts. Our experts will provide coaching and mentoring during the crucial first year of employment to give your new team member the best chance for success.
Bringing on a new hire is just the beginning. We’ll help you create detailed onboarding plans to get your new employees up to speed as quickly as possible.
You’ve found the talent, let’s make sure you keep it. Our experts have years of experience building customized employee retention plans based on a combination of salary, benefits, bonus structure, commission considerations and equity/stock options.

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We’re ready to help you locate, attract, onboard and retain top talent for your growing business.