Are you a software startup working on getting your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to market? If so, then JumpStart’s Launch Your MVP accelerated program is perfect for you! Designed as an 8-week concentrated series, Launch Your MVP provides the structure to help you round out your launch initiatives and get you ready to push your product out for customer use.

Designed for motivated software founders, the Launch Your MVP series combines focused course work with seasoned entrepreneurs and advisors who will help you dive into key areas of your business. With one day a week focused on group sessions and collaboration, complemented by 1:1 sessions with business, legal and financial advisors, the Launch Your MVP series helps with critical pieces of your launch strategy, such as go-to-market plans, pricing, product and pilot strategy, user agreements and financial projections.

Most importantly, you will be surrounded by a group of peer companies who are working toward a similar goal, creating a community of like-minded founders who can help you stretch as you evolve your model, refine your pitch and any related revenue or capital strategies, while helping you prepare to deploy your product broadly.

The cohort will be comprised of four to five companies, with each receiving ten thousand dollars’ worth of business, legal and accounting services, as well as access to templates and tools necessary to run a software company. At the completion of the series, each company will participate in a public demo-day where participants will pitch their product to a panel of established entrepreneurs and investors. The top-ranked company will receive a $5,000 grant.

Please Note: To be eligible, you must be a software company and have at least one founder in Northern Ohio. Upon completion of the application, you will receive a follow-up contact where you will be asked to share more details on your idea and insight into your validation process and potentially share your company pitch.