Startup Scaleup 2019 Venue Spotlight: Magnolia


Step into Magnolia, and you’re back in the roaring ’20s. With the facade of a donut shop, a little ‘secret’ door in the back tells an entirely different story. Step through and you’re brought into a room with cushy couches and a bar. But, on occasions, it will feature lighting that looks straight from a movie and music that will get your heart pumping.

The donut shop includes a selection of freshly made, miniature donuts. Make your way on over to the bar in the back, and you’ll find 12 beers on tap and a wide selection of cocktails and wines. And if you’re looking for some snacks while watching the Browns game, the menu also offers a list of tapas.

Want to get a taste of Magnolia? You’re in luck, because we’ll be hosting several Startup Scaleup sessions in this space.

Check out the event agenda to see the full list of  Startup Scaleup sessions taking place at Magnolia, and register for the event today by clicking below.