Startup Scaleup 2019 Venue Spotlight: Dante’s Inferno

Growing his original ballpark favorite at Progressive Field, chef Dante Boccuzzi debuted a storefront of the zesty pizza brand in The Flats in 2017. The restaurant is more than just a dining experience, with bocce courts turning it into a playful pastime.

Stepping inside the space, the playfulness still carries but guests also get an elegant, modern-day Italian eatery vibe with its black, red and white decor and black leather seats. Touches of music are throughout the space with guitar cables lining the ceiling to resemble the neck of the guitar and a wall is covered in guitar picks.

Not only does the storefront bring the fan-favorite Spaghetti and Meatball Pizza to the table, but it includes some delicious additions including both surf and turf meat dishes, pasta selections, salads and desserts. The pizzeria also offers a stout brewed especially for it by its neighbor; Thirsty Dog Brewing Co.

Want to get a taste of Dante’s Inferno? You’re in luck, because we’ll be hosting several Startup Scaleup sessions in this space.

Check out the event agenda to see the full list of Startup Scaleup sessions taking place at Dante’s Inferno and register for the event today by clicking below.