JumpStart is always seeking high-qualified industry experts to advise client 1-on-1 and /or create, facilitate and teach a specialized curriculum in a group setting.

Our subject matter expertise partners (SMEs) gain exposure and access to more than 100 qualified JumpStart clients each year, and we encourage experts to volunteer their knowledge to gain exposure, opportunity and access to a new set of up-and-coming small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Depending on the degree and type of involvement and expertise, we have needs for volunteer advisors and educators, as well as paid educators. Our application process ensures that we are only evaluating and accepting best-in-class subject matter experts, and we invite you to apply to continue the conversation.

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By agreeing to these terms, you agree to provide JumpStart with the business information necessary to carry out its assessment. As part of JumpStart's normal collaborative work, the organization will share information with its partner organizations only if it believes it will benefit you and your business. Advice and opinions given by JumpStart to you and your company are intended solely for your benefit.  Neither JumpStart nor its directors, officers or employees shall be liable to you for damages, including, without limitation, loss of profit or business opportunity.