Mentoring Matters

Often the most valuable advice comes from someone who has already been down the road you are traveling. Good mentors help entrepreneurs get their businesses started faster and grow them more successfully while avoiding common mistakes along the way.

JumpStart's Encore Mentoring Program

A no-cost advisory resource for entrepreneurs who live or operate businesses in the city of Cleveland.

JumpStart’s Encore Mentoring Program matches individuals (age 50+) who want to give back to their community with entrepreneurs in search of advice to grow their businesses.

The program is for all of Cleveland, but values the diversity of human resources and strives for 90% of its mentors to be African American, Latinx or female.

To learn more, contact [email protected].

This program is part of the Cleveland Foundation’s Encore Cleveland initiative, designed to provide an array of meaningful community-based opportunities to Greater Clevelanders at or near retirement age.