Selling Sales Jobs

dwight-blogSales continues to play a critical role for most businesses; however, many of these businesses are struggling to recruit new salespeople and it’s having a real impact on their bottom line. According to The Wall Street Journal, employers spent an average of 41 days trying to fill technical sales jobs in 2014, compared with an average of 33 days for other positions.

So, why is it so hard to fill sales jobs these days?

Some say young professionals are far more wary of any career path deemed “too risky” in the wake of the 2008 recession. Others blame colleges and universities, many of whom do not prioritize sales education. Some even feel the profession has been damaged by all those unfavorable stereotypes about 20th century sales culture—images of slick “wheeler-dealers” and high-risk jobs with heavy burnout potential.

Whatever the reason, many young professionals are not thinking about sales as a potential profession, but they really should be!

Here are a few reasons to consider a career as a 21st century salesperson:

Today’s Sales Jobs Are Increasingly Team-Based And Knowledge Focused

Many of today’s “salespeople” actually work as part of a larger “business development” team. Lone wolves and wheeler-dealers who rely solely on their natural “closing” instincts are being replaced by creative, collaborative problem solvers.

Moreover, today’s sales jobs increasingly require more and more technical knowledge as buyers become savvier and less reliant on traditional sources of industry information. You don’t have to be a fast-talker to be a success, you just need to do your homework and bring honesty and insight to your customers.

The Is Serious Demand For Quality Salespeople

In a job climate that can sometimes be difficult for college graduates and other young professionals, the simple fact that employers are itching to hire good salespeople makes it an attractive career path.

Because these jobs are harder to fill, employers are trying harder and harder to make sales attractive to top young talent. For job-seekers in highly saturated industries, it can be very refreshing to take a look at a profession where you will be immediately in-demand.

Sales Jobs Generally Offer High Compensation

According to the U.S. Labor department, salespeople in highly technical industries often earn a median wage that is more than double the national average. And it’s not just the commission that makes sales jobs financially attractive. Increasingly, the base-salary of many sales positions is rising (11 percent from 2010 to 2013) as employers realize that younger candidates favor more stable jobs.

Employers know that today’s young professionals are intelligent, collaborative and highly creative and they are designing modern sales teams to cater to these skill sets. Take a fresh look and you might find you already have what it takes to be a great salesperson in the modern economy without even knowing it.

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