Vox Mobile Keeps Business Technology Running Smoothly

Mobile technology is redefining the way businesses operate, from the way they share information, to the way they manage data and reach customers. With new, advanced mobile solutions come equally complex challenges in security and maintenance that can be costly, time-consuming and even unfeasible for businesses to handle on their own. Vox Mobile in Cleveland, Ohio, is a strategic service for businesses, helping them accelerate their path to innovation and maintain mobile environments.

“Our bread and butter is enterprise mobility management, everything from deploying a device all the way down to managing and maintaining it. If it touches the mobile space, we can handle it, and that frees up resources and time for businesses’ IT departments to focus on their core competencies, which is very rarely mobile devices,” said Rob Seeman, Chief Marketing Officer. “Whether we’re managing applications loaded onto a company’s work phones or fixing their iPads, we take care of their mobile needs, so they don’t have to worry about them.”

Vox Mobile’s range of solutions are broad. Their suite of products includes 24/7 help desk support and mobile systems & application management; device application & configuration logistics such as mailing out replacement devices so there’s no downtime; an expense management software designed to offer insights into a company’s mobile spending; an interface where a business can manage the moving pieces of its mobile environments; and consulting services for businesses.

“Technology is ever-changing. It used to be simple to build an IT system to support a business’s technology, but with so many moving parts these days, it’s not cost-effective. Samsung comes out with a new device or Apple drops a new update, you have to reconfigure your system to remain compatible,” said Seeman. “That’s not realistic for businesses of any size, especially small-to-mid level ones, to spend their money on. Outsource it to us, and we’ll make sure everything runs smoothly on your network.”

Vox works with clients across several industries, but finds that its’ solutions are especially adopted among players in the healthcare and retail spaces because they’re paving the way for mobility-led innovation. Healthcare is a high-tech, high-stakes industry where the penalty for technical malfunction can be fatal, so the need for a reliable solution like Vox is critical. Retailers are putting more mobile technologies like tablets in stores for customers, and having someone in-store trained to handle these devices isn’t cost-effective. Vox Mobile also works with companies in the energy, financial services, internet of things and manufacturing industries.

Vox Mobile received support from JumpStart, a northeast Ohio regional partner of Ohio Third Frontier, to continue developing its suite of mobile solutions. The funding helped the company adjust and modernize their services to fit the ever-changing mobile environment. Vox is proud of their identity as an Ohio company, specifically one from Cleveland.

“Around the office, we often quote the LeBron James announcement about returning to the Cavaliers: ‘In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given. Everything is earned.’ We firmly believe that, said Aly Madjerich, Director of Marketing. “We hire talent that’s willing to come in and work hard. That’s how we do business. Even though we are a global company with clients all over the world, we’re very much a Cleveland company with the values the city’s known for.”

This story originally appeared in TechOhio.