A Spa For Men, An App For Free Food, And Clothes For Big-Breasted Women: Catchy Pitches From Startup Scaleup

Entrepreneurs from near and far participated in the open mic pitch event at Startup Scaleup on Tuesday.

The open mic pitch stage allowed any willing entrepreneur to give an elevator pitch to a panel of judges in 90 seconds or less.

More than 10 participants took to the stage at Happy Dog in Gordon Square.

Some catchy concepts included launching a spa for men, in order to make them feel comfortable. Another was a clothing line strictly for women who have a DD-cup size or larger. There is also an app that gives users free food if a survey is taken.

Startup Scaleup is a festival-like, all-day event coordinated by Jumpstart, Inc. It’s in its third year.

To watch the video, visit cleveland.com.