RideYellow And LISNR Team Up To Deliver First Transportation App That Connects Drivers And Riders Ultrasonically

LISNR, the world’s most advanced ultrasonic data platform; and RideYellow, one of the leading taxi apps in the US with over 2700 cabs across California and Florida, have announced today an integration whereby RideYellow riders and drivers will be able to connect seamlessly via LISNR’s ultrasonic data transmission technology. All taxis on the RideYellow app will utilize the technology.

In today’s competitive ride-hailing environment, it’s imperative for taxi companies to create frictionless customer experiences. One of taxis unique advantages over Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), such as Uber and Lyft, is their ability to accept business from street hails and taxi stand walk-ups. Through this new partnership, RideYellow users will now be able to hop into a cab at an airport or a hotel, for example, open the RideYellow app on their phone, and with the help of LISNR’s ultrasonic data transmission, automatically connect their app to the taxi vehicle that they are in.

After this connection is made, users will be able to utilize RideYellow’s features. This includes paying their driver automatically with a stored credit card in the app as well as entering their destination, which will instantly update the driver’s app with turn-by-turn navigation. In the coming months, RideYellow users will also be able to receive an upfront price for their trip while enroute to their destination.

“There are a multitude of scenarios, such as at airports, hotels, and venues, where riders hop into one of our cabs, and then want to utilize various apps features but cannot do so because they didn’t book their ride with the app,” said Shan Gupta, Director of Strategy for RideYellow. “But now with LISNR, the user simply opens the app and is automatically connected to the ride. This creates a truly frictionless experience for our users and give us an important competitive edge in the market”.

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