Revenue Conduit Attracts And Retains Customers

The online retail industry soared to new heights over the past year, growing more than 15% and showing no signs of slowing down. With the number of consumers browsing and buying online predicted to hit 270 million by 2020, online sales represent a major opportunity for retailers in today’s increasingly digital age. Revenue Conduit in Akron, Ohio, helps retailers grow by providing an all-in-one service to attract, convert and retain online shoppers.

In 2012, co-founder Daniel Kurt and his wife were managing an online store through a popular e-commerce platform, Magento. When they wanted a better way to reach customers, they enlisted another service, Infusionsoft, an automated customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Kurt became frustrated with the inability to easily import data from his e-commerce platform to the CRM platform, so he called his friend and longtime problem-solving partner Parag Jagdale from his days at The Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business.

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