Northeast Ohio’s FishMySpot Wants to be the AirBnB of Fishing Holes

Fishing is a sport associated with relaxation. It’s about having a day to be at ease alone — or with friends and family — without the worries of the world. So why isn’t there an easy, 21st century solution to finding a great fishing hole? From avoiding private property to ensuring you’re allowed to cast in your local body of water, the easy part of fishing doesn’t typically come until you’re out on the water. But Ohio startup FishMySpot wants to fix that by connecting fishing enthusiasts with the bodies of water that are meant for them.

There are plenty of ways to find somewhere to fish, but none are quite like FishMySpot. Rather than sending people to expensive experiences or tours with a fishing element, the site aims to let people have their own experiences — think of it as AirBnB for the angler in your life.

Like any company, FishMySpot has had to overcome challenges to work through the COVID-19 pandemic. But as they’ve found a way to move forward, the company is finding that people are in search of outdoor, social distancing-ready activities that can bring a group or family together safely, making their product perfect for the new normal. And with that momentum, FishMySpot has its sights set on expanding across the country.

For the Cleveland-based company, northeast Ohio has been the perfect home. In addition to all the activities around major tourist attractions Lake Erie, the area is also known for a variety of good ponds and fishing spots. FishMySpot has also looked to resources in the area for advice and mentoring, and Smith said Ohio has exactly what the company needs for a foundation that can support nationwide growth.

“Ohio leads the way in supporting small businesses that can grow and impact the world,” said Smith. “Specifically, northeast Ohio has been a great place to start a business because of the local resources available to startups. The entrepreneurial environment in northeast Ohio has a lot of organizations that have provided guidance and expertise to us, including JumpStart, the Youngstown Business IncubatorBounce Innovation Hub and the Great Lakes Innovation and Development Enterprise. Ohio has everything we need to grow and scale a business.”

This article originally appeared on TechOhio on May 27, 2020.

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