New Executive Announced to Manage Vizzle National Partnerships

Vizzle, a division of the Monarch Teaching Technologies company based out of Cleveland, OH, has hired Michael Soria as their Vice President of Educational Partnerships. Beginning in the classroom, Michael has over 30 years of experience in the education and educational publishing industry. Most recently, Michael served as the Executive Director of Education at TouchMath.

With the increased focus on online and remote learning because of COVID-19, Vizzle is looking to expand its visibility nationally to serve the needs of special education classrooms. “Having a web-based platform to instruct, engage, and assess students with special needs, I feel Vizzle is a perfect fit with my background in collaborating with school districts to find curriculum solutions for struggling students and my passion to serve students with special needs like my son, Matthew, who is on the autism spectrum.”

Michael is based out of San Antonio, Texas, and will be leading the Vizzle team of experienced educators and professionals strategically positioned throughout the country to work with districts in all 50 states. “Working in every state in both a district partnership and professional development role, and with experience on an international level, I think Michael is the best person to take Vizzle to the next level of growth”, explains Bob Gephart, the CEO of Vizzle.

Monarch Teaching Technologies looks forward to utilizing Michael’s relationships with key administrators throughout the country and his understanding of the student population we serve to make Vizzle the premiere online curriculum for the special needs community.

With a personalized learning environment, 15,000+ lessons, and automatic data collection to track IEPs, Vizzle keeps students with special needs on track with teachers and parents able to support and monitor IEPs, so learning can take place in the classroom and at home. For more information visit