NCT Ventures And Bridge Investments Join JumpStart In $1.8M Fundraising Round For Heureka Software

Today, Heureka Software announced the company has added new funding from Columbus-based NCT Ventures and Chicago’s Bridge Investments. Combined with previous funding from Cleveland Venture Development Organization JumpStart Inc. and other angels, this increases Heureka’s current fundraising round to $1.8 million.

Based in Cleveland, Heureka offers enterprises the ability to increase their resilience to cyber threats, while dramatically reducing operating expenses associated with governance, risk, compliance and litigation activities.

“Large enterprises have an exponentially increasing volume of data that resides on file shares, desktop and laptop endpoints,” said Heureka CEO Greg Pacholski. “These companies simply cannot continue to operate without locational awareness of sensitive, valuable and strategic information stored on endpoints.”

“With the May 2018 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline looming, businesses need to take action and prepare for the increasing regulations to protect consumer data,” added Bill Frank, Partner, NCT Ventures. “Corporations need to be more proactive about how they monitor and manage data, and Heureka is the tool to comply with these regulations. That’s why we’re excited to support the company in this funding round.”

A recent survey conducted by Forrester Research stated that 62 percent of data security professionals do not know where their most sensitive unstructured data resides. Another 66 percent do not classify this data properly.

Heureka’s unique approach helps both problems by drastically reducing data discovery time and cost, while significantly increasing endpoint visibility and transparency. That’s why the company has built a growing base of enterprise customers including Salesforce, The Ohio State University and the Western Reserve Group.

“Heureka is solving a real problem in endpoint file analysis and management,” said Rem Harris, JumpStart’s senior partner in charge of investing. “We are excited to be partnering with other respected investors like NCT Ventures and Bridge Investments to help accelerate the company’s growth.”

About Heureka Software
Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Heureka gives enterprises real-time access to unstructured data on network files systems, servers, laptops and desktops from a single user interface, providing remediation tools including file quarantine and delete. Heureka also simplifies and lowers the cost of legal, compliance regulatory and cyber security processes within organizations. For more information, visit

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