Mr Beams Introduces Seven New Wireless Lights In 2016

Brighter Light and Unique Features Push Boundaries of Wireless Lighting Industry

The October launch of Mr Beams’ NetBright High Performance Security Light continues the company’s streak of 2016 product releases designed with bold innovative features.

The new products contain features that not only push the boundaries of the Mr Beams product line but also the battery-powered lighting industry with higher lumen outputs, bold designs and even easier wireless installation and operation.

“These products solve real customer problems and start to make real the promise we made when we started this company to create wireless lighting products that are good enough to replace wired lights in many applications,” says Michael Recker, chief technology officer and co-founder of Wireless Environment.

“The fact that we have received over 40 utility and design patents is a great indication that the products we are creating and putting on the market have not been seen before by customers.”

The High Performance Security Light, available in both a NetBright version and standard version, provides 500 lumens of battery-powered light with two adjustable heads and easy installation anywhere in less than five minutes. The NetBright model contains NetBright technology that allows the lights to communicate with each other, so when one light detects motion, all others on the network activate.

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