JumpStart Marketing Director Champions The ‘She’ Of ‘CLE’

JumpStart Inc. partner and marketing director Amy Martin is at the forefront of a venture development organization that in the past decade has injected $35 million into more than 80 tech companies. JumpStart revamped its website last December as part of a new mission statement ensuring entrepreneurs of all racial and social backgrounds have access to capital.

This work, along with Martin’s “side hustle” as co-founder of lifestyle blog She In The CLE, has kept the Westlake resident busy during what she views as an upturn for Northeast Ohio’s economic development future. Martin recently shared her Cleveland-centric excitement with Fresh Water.

In what ways has JumpStart expanded its reach into the entrepreneurial community?

Investing in high-tech companies with the potential to transform communities and create jobs has always been at the core of what we do. However, over the last two years we’ve taken a strong leadership role on diversity. Earlier this year, we launched the $10 million Focus Fund, a pre-seeded fund that invests in minority and female tech entrepreneurs.

JumpStart has always invested in diversity – about 30 percent of our portfolio is made up of minority- or women-owned companies – but we thought we could do better.

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