Introducing The #Fresh10: Meet Cleveland’s Newest Crop Of Rising Entrepreneurs

It’s Young Professionals Week here in Cleveland, and what better time than to highlight rising stars who are helping to put Cleveland on the map? Introducing FreshWater’s first-ever #Fresh10, a group of talented professionals under 34 years old all making their mark on The Land—and beyond.

Gordon Daily, CEO and Co-Founder of BoxCast
BoxCast founder Gordon Daily is looking to simplify our lives by making live video sharing easy. In 2009, a funeral director asked Daily’s business partners to develop a means for family members to privately watch a funeral service. Enter BoxCast, a turnkey live streaming solution for organizations no matter their size—Daily says they’ve served everyone from Little League to MLB teams, local municipalities to presidential campaigns, and churches of 50 to 50,000 people.

“Since launching the company in 2013, we have never forgotten the importance of making people part of the experiences that matter to them—whether they are loved ones who need to grieve from far away, a parent who wants to see their daughter’s soccer game, a remote employee who wants to see his CEO’s presentation, or a concerned citizen who wants to attend a city council meeting but can’t be there,” says Daily.

This week, BoxCast celebrated the launch of its new BoxCaster Pro encoder with a keynote and live demonstration at its new Ohio City headquarters (but live streamed around the world, naturally). Daily says it’s just the beginning of BoxCast realizing its potential.

“The challenge as an innovator is to translate amazing technology into something so simple that anyone can use,” says Daily. “Given the market potential for what we do, we are excited to see the company grow as we help to bring people together through video.”

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