Heart Tech Company Endotronix Pumps In $32 Million Funding Round

Endotronix, a west suburban company that builds devices that could help patients manage heart failure, has raised $32 million in new funding.

The Woodridge-based company has built a system to manage patients with advanced heart failure through medical devices and software. Patients would receive an implant in their heart, then take a measurement of their heart pressure each day using a handheld device. Clinicians would be able to access the patient’s data via a web-based platform.

“They can then really proactively manage that data before it’s too late,” said Endotronix CEO Harry Rowland, who co-founded the company in 2007 with Dr. Anthony Nunez, a heart surgeon.

“They can adjust dosages of medications (and) really see the heart is worsening before the patient feels it, so they could keep that heart healthier longer,” he said.

Rowland said many patients with heart failure have had heart attacks and often face repeated hospitalizations. The company hopes to reduce those hospitalizations by monitoring patients more closely.

The Series C funding will help the company begin clinical testing of the product and, Rowland hopes, win approval for market use in some countries.

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