Follow Live Sessions At Entrepreneurship Event Startup Scaleup In Live Video

Today, entrepreneurs are gathering in Cleveland’s Gordon Square neighborhood for Startup Scaleup, a daylong business-focused event.

Attendees will attend workshops, panel discussions and networking opportunities all aimed at building companies in Northeast Ohio.

See highlights from our coverage on social media (details below).

Highlights from the lineup of speakers and panelists are AJ Hyland, the retired President and CEO of Hyland Software, and Rob Krolik, the former CFO of Yelp. Many of this year’s speakers come from Silicon Valley and are involved in tech startups as well.

Over 35 events will be included in the conference, at 12 different venues. Organizers said that last year’s event brought 1,300 in attendance and more are expected this year.

Social Media Coordinator Anne Nickoloff is on the scene this morning and afternoon, until Startup Scaleup wraps up at 4:30 p.m.

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