Equinox Payments And LISNR® Team Up To Deliver Payments Using Ultrasonic Data Transmission

LISNR, the world’s most advanced ultrasonic data platform and Equinox Payments (“Equinox”), a leading provider of payment terminals, applications and support services, today announced a partnership to meet the increased demand for ultrasonic data solutions that enhance the payment and customer engagement at the point of sale. Equinox gains first mover advantage as the exclusive terminal manufacturer to be using proprietary LISNR technology to facilitate seamless payment processing between smartphone apps and Luxe terminals equipped with microphones.

Retailers are focused on making the checkout experience as simple as possible, while shoppers want to be able to complete checkout from anywhere in the store. Add to that a real need for secure authenticated payments using encrypted payment data and you have a tall order. LISNR offers a solution that solves these problems by using inaudible tones to authenticate shoppers and safely process payments. Equinox has integrated support for the technology directly into its Luxe line of terminals, using the built-in microphone so that customers can easily tap into the capabilities without additional CAPEX investments.

“Creating a frictionless path to transactions for consumers is a holy grail in the payments industry,” said Eric Allen, CEO LISNR. “In our quest to attain that, Equinox stood out as both an innovator and leader. By combining our technologies, we’ve been able to quickly move to market with a solution that has a clear ROI for retailers, while keeping them competitive in a fast moving market.”

Gone are the cumbersome steps associated with dipping cards, downloading and opening mobile wallets or scanning QR codes, which means valuable seconds are shaved off transaction times. Retailers with private label programs can skip the hassles and costs associated with issuing cards by deploying LISNR’s software-based technology via an app that can facilitate payment and loyalty rewards using ultrasonic transmission.

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