Crain’s Twenty In Their 20s: Peter Spaulding, 25, BoxCast

BoxCast co-founder Gordon Daily refers to Peter Spaulding as the company’s “first official employee,” since the latter was the first non-founder to agree to work for the startup in August 2013.

Spaulding joined BoxCast, which produces technology that helps companies stream live events, via Venture for America, a program that matches up startups and impressive graduates. At Yale University, Spaulding worked for a Washington, D.C. startup and spent time as an aide to Democratic U.S. Rep. Steny Hoyer.

In D.C., he said he “fell in love” with how a startup’s “small group dynamic works and how you had to rely on each other a bit more.”

You started working at a startup right out of college. What’s that been like?

I had the opportunity to come in at the early stages. I think Gordon’s been super-transparent since the early days, so I’ve had the opportunity to see some of the really hard times — the scratching and clawing. It’s been surprising how much work it really takes.

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