Collaboration drives entrepreneurial innovation and growth in Northwest Ohio

Economic transformation is on the horizon in the greater Toledo-area. Fueled by capital, technical services and connections, regional startups and small businesses are contributing to significant economic impact. In fact, JumpStart-supported companies contributed more than 10,000 jobs and $9 billion in economic impact throughout Ohio since the organization’s inception.

JumpStart helps entrepreneurs grow, researchers commercialize and corporations innovate through three interconnected elements of support: capital, services and connections. This model has helped more than 3,250 tech startups and 1,780 small businesses in Ohio start or scale.

JumpStart helps to unlock the potential of early-stage tech startups with venture capital investment and access to high-impact resources. This guidance helps founders eliminate errors, reduce risk and increase viability.

Beyond technology startups, JumpStart supports small, established businesses with pathways to capital, technical assistance, education and programming designed to help them accelerate and scale. The goal: to make entrepreneurship accessible to everyone. Of the 100+ small business owners who have participated in the JumpStart Small Business Impact Program; 70% are women and 81% are Black or Latino.

While the collective accomplishments are many, there’s more work to do. Economic impact is amplified through a unique blend of public resources and private investment. Fueled by its mission to unlock the full potential of entrepreneurship to transform entire communities, JumpStart works alongside dynamic partners to create more opportunities for everyone in this region.

Read the NWO Community Impact Report below to learn more.