Cleveland Technology Awards 2018

You only need look as far as the phone in your hand to recognize we live in a new era of technology. The old way of doing things, even as recently as five years ago, feels like a generation gone by.

Today, everyone is impacted by technology — and many of our homes are even fully connected through the internet of things. You’re likely banking, booking flights, renting vacation homes, ordering food, and potentially even speculating in various stock and fund markets without ever speaking to a live human being.

With that as a backdrop, we’re honored to recognize a dynamic group of organizations with the 2018 Cleveland Technology Awards. These scrappy startups, established technology firm leaders and implementers of technology demonstrate the new horizon we experience every day.

After you read about this year’s honorees, we invite you to join us on March 22 for the Cleveland Tech Awards Conference, a luncheon where we’ll recognize these companies and engage in a rousing panel discussion on one of the hottest issues around: Cryptocurrency — part of the fast-moving blockchain technology revolution that’s on the bleeding edge.

There’s little doubt the world today is a blur. But thanks to this year’s honorees — and those participating in our panel discussion — there’s at least a little time to slow down and enjoy the ride.

Established Tech Firm Honorees

Brian Smith
Banyan Technology

Banyan Technology, a leading innovator of live carrier and API connectivity for transportation management, provides commercial shippers, brokers and third-party logistics with unparalleled access to their carriers.

These connections boost efficiency, improve visibility and deliver permanent reductions in shipping costs.
With more than 33,000 unique client locations accessing the application, Banyan provided the technology infrastructure to manage more than 1.7 million loads in 2017, valued at more $52 billion in freight.

Banyan, led by CEO Brian Smith, aligns with complementary logistics software to provide clients with seamless integration into their current systems and operations. Banyan also offers the industry’s only multi-carrier, multi-modal transportation management system built on the power of real-time carrier connectivity, covering 95 percent of over the road shipments in the U.S. and Canada.

Banyan serves a breadth of industries, including logistics management, manufacturing, distribution, wholesale and retail. Banyan’s clients include the majority of the top 20 3PLs, including three of the five largest, as well as notable, nationally recognized end users.

Banyan continues to innovate and is currently positioned to lead the industry in solving the complex issue of first and final mile delivery, a shipping method that originated from the growing omnichannel and e-commerce industries.

Startup Tech Honorees
Bob Gephart
Monarch Teaching Technologies
Research shows that students with special needs learn better through visual learning and interactive tools. Vizzle, by Monarch Teaching Technologies, is a tool for educators and administrators to help students learn curriculum, develop skills and demonstrate understanding.

Vizzle eliminates tedious, time-consuming data entry for teachers and therapists. Using lesson play data, like how long a lesson was played and the student’s score, teachers can assess student comprehension and progress based on individualized education program goals and objectives.

Administrators can quickly and easily monitor both teacher and student usage and proactively support teachers and students by regularly reviewing usage data.

Led by CEO Bob Gephart, Monarch has a growing library of 15,000 interactive lessons, games and activities aligned and searchable by state learning standards. All lessons can be customized to students’ unique needs and skill level. The content is created and reviewed by educational professionals.

Vizzle uses game-like student profiles and animated graphics to engage and encourage lesson play. The platform promotes independent and individual learning for students with special needs. Text-to-speech functionality and switch access compatibility are available on every lesson, game and activity in the Vizzle library.

The tool can engage and strengthen communication with parents when teachers select lessons and activities to send home.

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