7signal Aims To Keep Companies Connected

All over the globe, the productivity of thousands of employers depends largely on a wide array of devices working interruption free within a Wi-Fi network. An Independence software company is at the center of this technological tidal wave, offering a platform that helps organizations meet their wireless performance challenges.

7signal Solutions Inc., in the words of CEO Thomas Barrett, “lives on the edge” of the network where the Wi-Fi experience matters most. This means managing a customer’s end-user device — 7signal currently monitors over 6 million of them — to gather performance data in real time. Granular information tracking provided by 7signal hardware and software gives insights into device functionality or any software driver issues impacting performance.

“Global companies offer a single lens into Wi-Fi, but we focus on the end-user device in a way nobody else can,” Barrett said. “If a CEO is having a terrible Wi-Fi experience on the fifth floor, (the platform) may tell him to switch from the guest network to the corporate network. That is very valuable.”

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