[PODCAST] Founders Unfiltered featuring Hoa Pyles McManus, Co-Founder of SHARE

Hoa Pyles McManus is the co-founder of SHARE, one of Ohio’s most exciting startups (and a JumpStart portfolio company). SHARE is a micro-transit company but Hoa actually started out in the healthcare industry, using the compassion and communication skills she gained to build a product and service that will make a positive impact on people’s lives.

In this podcast, Hoa sits down with Heather Hall, an Entrepreneur-in-Residence who splits her time between GLIDE, Youngstown Business Incubator, Bounce Innovation Hub and JumpStart. She shares her personal founder story, discusses how she and her husband Ryan turned their big idea into a viable business and gives her candid perspective on what it takes to succeed as a tech entrepreneur in Ohio.

The conversation was recorded as part of our first “Founders Unfiltered” event, featuring honest and informative conversations with the entrepreneurs.


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