New Jobs Don’t Have To Be Scary

Let’s face it, starting a new job can be scary. The idea of tackling the unknown, meeting so many new people and proving your brand in a new place can keep you tossing and turning in the middle of the night more than a scary movie marathon. However, as you learn to adjust to your new surroundings and adapt to your new team, new conversations will start flowing and you will start developing strong relationships (and even friendships) over time.

Here are four tips to help get past the ghouls and goblins in your stomach as you start a new job:

A full bowl of enticing candy on your desk will not only attract people to stop by, but they’ll also be more likely to strike up a quick conversation before grabbing the yummy treat. Introducing yourself to all the faces in the office by having them come to you is an easy way to alleviate some of the new job jitters.

Whether you pair up with a seasoned vet who has been there for a few years or someone fairly new to the group like you, it’s a good idea to be a shadow for a bit. Don’t be afraid to find a buddy and bug them until they tell you to stop—really, it’s ok. Everyone was new at some point, but sometimes we forget that we didn’t always know where to find the restroom key or how to turn the copier to scanner mode before accidentally printing 300 copies.

When venturing into your co-workers’ space or boss’s office, compliment them on something you see or ask about an item they have out on display. The more you get to know those working alongside you on a personal level, the easier it will be to approach them when you have a question or concern on your next fast approaching deadline or quota.

Don’t be scared to volunteer. Whether it’s helping to organize the office’s pumpkin carving contest or just attending a dinner event under your company’s name, you’ll learn more about the organization, the values and the programs that help make up its dynamic culture.

Follow these tips to make your new job transition easier, because starting a new job shouldn’t keep you up at night, unless it means you’re putting in extra, hard-working hours to really kick butt on that next presentation in front of your new boss!

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