Meet Our New Head of Human Resources and Culture

We’re excited to introduce the newest member of JumpStart’s team, John Grace. He is an HR expert with years of experience in all types of businesses, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies.

As JumpStart’s Partner of HR & Culture, he will be providing coaching and leadership development training to our team, while leading employee relations and organizational change initiatives.

“JumpStart is known as an inclusive company and I’ve already seen the commitment to our mission through the companies and partners we engage with daily. I’ve been here less than a month, but the team has already made me feel welcome and appreciated,” said Grace of his new role. “My vision for JumpStart from an HR perspective is to champion a diverse and empowered workforce, a best-in-class team culture and an unwavering commitment to team building through community engagement. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to engage and inspire my peers, my team and my community.” 

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