JumpStart Celebrates Juneteenth, America’s Liberation Day

This Juneteenth, in partnership with our leadership and board, we, as a diverse staff, acknowledge the continued struggle for equity in America. Individually and as a team, we are committed to learning the history and supporting local Black businesses and events commemorating this important holiday.

For many African Americans, June 19, 1865, represents America’s true Independence Day. The modern Juneteenth holiday celebrates not only a single defining moment of freedom from bondage, but also a legacy of hope for true equality and equity of opportunity throughout our society.

For me, Juneteenth is about hope. Hope for a better future for African Americans in America. Better equal opportunity for my family and African American communities. The “real” fulfillment of the American Dream and Dr. King’s Dream. It recognizes what is important to a specific group of American Citizens. Therefore, it should be important to all Americans. It respects African American culture, contributions, sacrifices and struggles in America. All cultures or races that have contributed to building America should be recognized, honored and acknowledged for their contributions to this country. It’s the right thing to do.

JumpStart is made up of a diverse workforce, including African Americans. We serve the community at large, including African Americans. It makes sense to recognize this important holiday that celebrates freedom and a positive step forward in American history. Moreover, if we are “transforming entire communities,” we must recognize and respect what is important to these communities. Juneteenth is an important milestone that must be honored and leveraged in order to achieve our mission.

Here are some great events across northern Ohio where you can Honor And celebrate Juneteenth 2022:




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