JumpStart Talks Blockland On The Sound Of Ideas

The Blockland Solutions Conference was a resounding success, attracting more than 1700 people to Cleveland to learn more about the future of blockchain technology and how Cleveland can play a critical role in that future. Coming out of the conference, the community is already asking “what’s next for Blockland?”—the grassroots community initiative that organized the conference that is focused on establishing a blockchain ecosystem in Northeast Ohio and putting the region at the forefront of blockchain thought leadership.

The conference was full of great information and big announcements, including a $6 million pre-seed fund for blockchain startups from Flashstarts. JumpStart CEO Ray Leach also pointed out there is at least $100M more in capital available to early-stage startups from various venture capital funds across the state (including JumpStart), and all of these funds are interested in startups that focus on blockchain technology.

At the conference, ideastream’s Joe Frolik caught up with Ray to talk more about JumpStart’s involvement in the Blockland initiative, why Cleveland is a great place for blockchain companies and what the future holds for this work now that the Blockland Solutions Conference has come and gone. The interview was later broadcast on WCPN’s The Sound of Ideas.

Click here to listen. Ray’s interview starts 38 minutes into the program.