JumpStart Celebrates Juneteenth, America’s Liberation Day

This Juneteenth, in partnership with our leadership and board, we, as a diverse staff, acknowledge the continued struggle for equity in America. Individually and as a team, we are committed to learning the history and supporting local Black businesses and events commemorating this important holiday.

For many African Americans, June 19, 1865, represents America’s true Independence Day. The modern Juneteenth holiday celebrates not only a single defining moment of freedom from bondage, but also a legacy of hope for true equality and equity of opportunity throughout our society.

More than 150 years later, we as a nation are still struggling to live up to this higher promise. This year Juneteenth comes with a stark reminder that Black Americans are still routinely denied equal treatment under the law in a society where systemic racism remains deeply entrenched.

And yet Juneteenth remains a hopeful celebration — a reminder of what our nation can and must be.

Today we reflect on why this holiday matters, what we should do in future years to formally recognize its significance and what we must do every day from now on to turn the hope this day represents into a new reality for our nation.

Here are some great events across northern Ohio and Western New York where you can celebrate Juneteenth 2020:

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