Job Applications Are Like Blind Auditions, So Is Your “Voice” Being Heard?

Applying for your next job might not involve busting out high notes in front of Pharrell and Christina Aguilera. But in many ways, it’s a lot like a blind audition on “The Voice.” You’re talented, you’re eager and you’re putting yourself out there because you believe the role matches your passion and skill set.

But will your performance be strong enough to wow the judges?

Here are three tips to help you hit the right notes while searching for your next job.

Following Up Is Fine, But Don’t Overwhelm
Unlike “The Voice,” you don’t get instant feedback on your job application. If you don’t hear anything back within 24 hours, that’s totally normal. In fact, it’s best not to expect a call or even an email for at least a week.

If a week or two has passed, it’s totally acceptable to follow up with an email or a phone call. Keep in mind though, calling and emailing over and over will not improve your chances to get an interview.  Companies prioritize conversations with the candidates they think are the best match for their needs, so pestering rarely speeds up the process.

Make A Connection
Here’s a little secret about TV shows like “The Voice.” Most of the candidates were already connected to someone in the industry before they made it on stage for their “blind” audition. The point is that while your skills and experience are what’s most important, having someone to make an introduction can be very helpful.

Ask yourself, are you connected to someone through LinkedIn that has a tie to the company where you applied? Are there events or networking opportunities where you can meet someone from the company and learn more about the organization?  If not, are there groups or leadership roles in a community where you can participate and build your network?

Tidy Up Your LinkedIn Profile
We say it all the time, but to recruiters and hiring managers, your LinkedIn profile is incredibly important. Sometimes it’s the first thing they check, before they even go through your resume and application.

The world of talent recruiting has gone digital and it’s not going back. A solid LinkedIn profile is no longer a nice extra for jobseekers, it’s a must-have.

Keep these tips in mind and great companies will be “turning their chairs” for you. In the meantime, don’t forget to visit the JumpStart job board, featuring great jobs at growing companies all across Northeast Ohio.