Holiday Job Seekers, Are You Naughty Or Nice?

There is no busier time of the year than the holiday season.

If you took our advice earlier this month, you may be ramping up your job search during this hectic time of year. Good for you, you are already ahead of the game! Still, communicating with busy or distracted employers during the holidays can sometimes be frustrating.

With that in mind, here are three common issues December job seekers face, along with some Santa-inspired advice for handling the holiday pressure.

Radio Silence

Waiting to hear back from a prospective employer can be excruciating, but the best way to make it onto Santa’s nice list is to give them a little extra space during the holiday season.

When you finish a phone screening or a job interview, you are naturally going to be eager to hear back as soon as possible. A quick thank you note is a great idea, but after that it’s a good idea to wait a week or so before sending another email or making a phone call to ask how the hiring process is going.

A surefire way to end up on the naughty list is to bombard a potential employer with phone calls and emails day after day during the holidays. Remember, the work you put in during December is not intended to land you a job overnight. It’s all about laying the groundwork for January. Be patient and good things will happen.

Juggling Interviews

Once you make a decision to ramp up your job search, you may find that multiple employers express interest at the same time. This can be stressful and naughty candidates often waste their time sitting by the phone waiting to hear back from a potential employer. Or worse, turning down other interview opportunities.

Stay on the nice list by using your time wisely and always keeping your options open. If one employer is offline for the holidays, develop your relationship with others while you wait. It can feel like a juggling act, but it will pay dividends in the New Year.

Venting Frustrations

A holiday job search is a big commitment during a naturally stressful time of year. Putting in all that work, then waiting to hear back for days or weeks at a time can leave your nerves frazzled.

There’s nothing wrong with venting your frustrations to your family and close friends, but don’t be naughty by lashing out through your social media outlets. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, employers are paying attention. Posting snarky messages for the world to see won’t help you, in fact it can short circuit all the hard work you’ve put in. Keep it classy and make Santa proud by finding more constructive ways to occupy your time.