JumpStart and Odell Coleman of ColemanWick present a three-part deep-dive workshop on how to use Voice of Customer (VOC) to increase your customer acquisition and retention. ColemanWick is a research and analytics firm with deep experience at turning data into growth for clients across the spectrum of industry.

The workshop will explore how best to implement VOC throughout the sales cycle — invaluable for any company planning new products, entering new markets or losing market share or customers. In addition to the three-week workshop, there will be monthly progress check-ins for three months following the sessions.

The three-week workshop will focus on the followings topics:

  • Week 1: Fundamentals of VOC in Customer Acquisition & Retention |  Thursday, May 7 (2hrs)
  • Week 2: Using VOC for Customer Acquisition | Thursday, May 14 (2hrs)
  • Week 3: Using VOC for Customer Retention | Thursday, May 21 (2hrs)
  • 30 Day Follow-up | Thursday, June 18 (2hrs)
  • 30 Day Follow-up | Thursday, July 16 (2hrs)
  • 30 Day Follow-up | Thursday, August 13 (2hrs)

Businesses generating more than $75,000 in annual revenue are preferred for these workshops. All industries are welcome.

If you are interested in participating, please apply by completing the form below. Due to high demand, completing the form does not guarantee participation. A member of the JumpStart team will inform you at a later date if you have been selected.