Five Questions with Vinay Saujani of P&P Digital Health

P&P Digital Health is a healthcare technology company that offers innovative solutions to healthcare and life science organizations to help drive better patient outcomes. The company offers a unique platform connecting patients with local mental health providers while helping with the continuation of care, so they stick with their treatment.

What separates P&P Digital Health from the competition?

We’re patient-centric in everything we do. Our competition focuses only on providing some type of technology and a subscription-based model. What we actually do is focus on solving a problem – an actual unique problem that providers and patients face day-to-day. Our technology and our business solutions are geared towards actually helping patients get to their appointments and get better outcomes.

What’s the most important thing the program offers to entrepreneurs?

All of the resources and connections. And when I mean resources, I don’t mean just connections and funding, but resources as in opening doors for you and for your business.

What has been your biggest takeaway from the Stark County Impact Program?

My experience with the Stark County Impact Program to date has been absolutely great. It’s taught me to connect the dots in my business, has provided resources for me and helped me sharpen my skill set to help develop and build upon my business plan. I’ll be forever grateful for the team for that. My biggest takeaway is what I’ve learned from other entrepreneurs and the program – to continue to sharpen new skillsets, keep learning, keep hustling, keep bustling and make it happen.

What advice would you offer other entrepreneurs who need help and are considering reaching out?

Go ahead and reach out! Just be open, honest and flexible. They grow your business, and it’s in your best interest because they help you shape your ideas and your business. So be open, transparent, flexible and most importantly just execute everything they tell you to do.

What are your future plans for your business?

In 12 months from now, we plan on raising enough capital and having enough connections to go pilot our platforms to develop informational technologies and to deliver our products to our ever-evolving customers. And, more importantly, go help those patients and drive those better outcomes. From that point, we hope we can grow significantly to be ready for the next round of raising capital and creating more jobs and opportunities for people out there, particularly here in Stark County.

Learn more about P&P Digital Health at Then, come watch Vinay pitch his business live on August 14 for a chance to win up to $10,000 at the Stark County Entrepreneur Showcase.