Five Questions with Nilanna Thompson of Nilanna’s Studio Nails & Spa

Founded by Nilanna Thompson in 2016, this full-service nail spa (complete with a wax and eyelash boutique) has grown rapidly by gaining the trust of each visitor. Nilanna joined the Northwest Ohio Impact Program to develop her business skills for long term success.

What inspired you to create your business?

I’ve been inspired by nail art and art techniques ever since I was seven years old. I’ve been doing nails for 21 years now. I’ve worked for many places, many corporations, many businesses. But it seems like nails are all that I’ve ever wanted to do.

When I’m doing nails, I don’t feel like I’m working at all. I’ve always said it was something that I wanted to do and my clientele has always inspired me to follow my dreams. So, I sprung into action and opened my own business.

What separates Nilanna’s Studio Nails & Spa from the competition?

I separate myself, and my business, from the competition by always learning. I’ve learned so much by working for other companies and I feel like I’ve got a head start on knowing what I want to offer. I pride myself on meeting the needs of all of my customers and I try to provide them with exactly what it is they want—not just what I have time for.

What is the most important thing the program has offered you?

It’s giving us the education and feeding us the information we need to stay in business long-term. I think longevity for any business owner is something that we want in the beginning, but once you’re in the business, you start getting lost in running the business. It seems like the long-term gets pushed further and further away.

What advice would you offer other entrepreneurs who need help and are considering reaching out?

I would tell them to reach out, to pitch their business. I think Jumpstart is the place you need to be if you want to be great because it’s never too late to be great.

What are your future plans for your business?

In two years, I want to be a well-oiled machine and I would like to be able to see some profit. I’m really looking forward to that. In my five year plan, I’m looking to be a franchise. I would like to own a second location in the city, if not abroad. I want to be a brand. I want everybody to be Nailed By Ni.

Learn more about Nilanna’s Studio Nails and Salon on Facebook. Then, come watch Nilanna pitch her business live on September 17 for a chance to win up to $10,000 at the Northwest Ohio Entrepreneur Showcase.