Five Questions with Mimi May of Maeve’s All Natural

While pregnant with her first child, Mimi May learned that while mothers of newborns should avoid the application of cosmetics containing certain chemicals if they are breastfeeding, companies are not required to report many of the chemicals they are using.

Mimi launched Maeve’s All Natural to offer the safest products on the market, with 100 percent natural, non-toxic, vegan ingredients and no synthetic fillers.

We sat down with Mimi to discuss her business and her experiences with the Impact Program.


What separates you from the competition?

My passion for research. I’m sort of a nerd at heart, and I love learning about ingredients and playing with how certain ingredients work together.

Our formulas also set us apart. We make lotions and creams that aren’t found anywhere else on the marketplace. For example, we have a fan favorite called a lemon meringue body butter. We actually use Madagascar vanilla beans, infuse them into our organic coconut oil and craft it into a beautifully textured scented body lotion. It’s all natural—you could even eat it!


How did you get connected with the Core City: Cleveland Impact Program?

I first learned about Core City: Cleveland through my Facebook feed. A friend of mine, who was involved in the program posted about her final pitch and I became very intrigued with the organization. I looked it up online and got in touch the very next day. That was about two years ago.


What has surprised you about the Core City: Cleveland Impact Program?

Just the amount of resources available. Not only in terms of financial assistance, but putting us in touch with business people around town. Whatever we need they’re here to provide it.


What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs who might be considering reaching out?

Just do it. Do it today. Email or call JumpStart today. The sooner you are among this tribe of entrepreneurs, the earlier your business will succeed.


What are your future plans for your business?

We are going to be heavily focused on PR this year. Just putting our products in the hands of influencers, Instagramers and bloggers and to focus on getting a lot of traffic to our website.



Learn more about Maeve’s All Natural at Then, come watch Mimi pitch her business live on May 15 for a chance to win up to $10,000 at the Core City: Cleveland Entrepreneur Showcase.