Five Questions with Mary Johnson of Vitiman Kandie

Inspired by her own fitness journey, Mary launched Vitiman Kandie to provide an innovative line of natural herbs and juices for hopeful spirits in pursuit of improving their personal health. Her flagship cafes offer fresh cold-pressed juices, herbal supplements and healthy meals.


How did you get the idea for your business?

After losing 120lbs in a year, my digestive track was completely off so I decided to do some research and see what could help me flow naturally. I found out acidic fruits, veggies, and leafy green herbs would do the job and Vitiman Kandie was born. 


What were your goals coming into the Impact Program?

My goals were to learn more about financial literacy to upscale my business and I received all of that and more.  


What is something that the Impact Program taught you about your business and entrepreneurship?

The Impact Program taught me how to build more professional relationships, speak more about myself on a higher level, and how to understand my business inside out on paper. The tools we received were unmatched. 


What was the most challenging concept that you learned?

The most challenging was working on financials. 


What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?  

Ask for help with your business. You can not do it alone. Sign up with Jumpstart ASAP! I did 4 years ago and have excelled ever since. 


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