MindingYourOwnBusiness: Breaking Down Blockchain (BlockLand Edition) with Bernie Moreno.

  • Description: This MYOB session covers blockchain from a high level, outlining how it works, the technologies involved, and its revolutionary potential for applications beyond cryptocurrency. In addition, this special MYOB session will feature Cleveland-based entrepreneur and philanthropist, Bernie Moreno, who is the visionary force behind, “BlockLand.” This workshop will not only introduce the wonders of blockchain technology, it will also begin telling the story of a new Northeast Ohio: Rich in opportunity, driven by innovation and survived by the entrepreneurial spirit, centering around Cleveland as a blockchain capital of the world…aka, BlockLand.
  • Tech Facilitator: Eric Ward, Senior Software Architect; Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer of DriveIT
  • Special Guest Presenter: Bernie Moreno, President of Ownum Technologies; Founding Vision for BlockLand
  • About Bernie: As President of Bernie Moreno Companies, Bernie represents 12 luxury auto brands, with 8 world-class facilities from Ohio to Florida. Mr. Moreno is also President of Ownum Technologies, a game-changing blockchain business that helps government agencies achieve substantial efficiencies and build revenue opportunities. Bernie serves as a Board Member of The Cleveland Foundation, as well as serves as Chairman of the Board at Cleveland State University.
  • About BlockLand: The Vision of BlockLand is to establish Cleveland as a significantly relevant technology center by being a leader in blockchain solutions, geared toward business and government applications, with the goal of massively growing employment that benefits the entire Cleveland+ community. The BlockLand initiative will call together the first SOLUTIONS Conference in Cleveland from Dec. 1 to Dec. 4, 2018. Registration starting in September.

MindingYourOwnBusiness is a DriveIT series of monthly interactive workshops that introduce tech-based solutions for modern challenges facing organizations across Northeast Ohio. Doors open at 5:30 PM for refreshments and networking, Presentation promptly at 6:00 PM.

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