Where’s your business going? You need to Map It Out!

OK, you have a great idea. You have a burning desire to do it, but you aren’t ready to quit your day job.

How do you even start to figure out what should you do next?

Don’t fret! Sue Marrone, LaunchHouse Member, and resident Business Model Canvas Suite guru will be leading new entrepreneurs through her 4-week workshop series designed to help to analyze if your idea is worth pursuing through constructive research. The Business Model Canvas Suite consists of four “canvases” that review important key features and HOW they relate to YOUR idea and business landscape. Sue is here to guide you through it all and help you build your roadmap for your business.

This series of workshops is hands on. You will receive large poster-size copies of each of the four canvases. You’ll also enjoy having other new entrepreneurs to collaborate with, and a supportive group to hold you accountable to you. Being able to talk to other startups, cheer each other on, sharing experiences is part of the workshop.

Included in your workshop is a free Flex Membership to LaunchHouse for the duration of this workshop series (June 19 – July 17). You’re sure to appreciate the community of entrepreneurs that you’ll be working alongside throughout the workday– opportunities for brainstorming + inspiration are overflowing over here! Plus, we’ll keep you caffeinated and provide you with snacks and morning pastries during your Monday workshops.

COST: $150 total for the 4-week workshop series. Payment plans are available– contact Marybeth@launchhouse.com.

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