This class will be a basic introduction to Photoshop. Half the class will be an introduction and the latter half will be a guided lab. The lab will give everyone some hands-on experience We will cover the following topics:

The Canvas
Color Spaces – types of color spaces
Manipulating images
Smart images
Tool Set – what each tool does
Image Formats – jpg, png


Jared has many passions in life and comes from a diverse background involving art and technology. His ability to adapt to different kinds of situations and solve complex problems makes him an invaluable asset to viperks. As a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology in photojournalism with a minor in Entrepreneurship, Jared’s expertise lies in the visual storytelling needed in any startup environment. Before graduating from R.I.T., and immediately following, Jared worked for LaunchHouse in Cleveland, Ohio holding various positions in the organization.

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