LIFT Advanced Materials: Learning Objectives:

Understand Practical Uses of Advanced Materials as applies to Lightweighting

Learn to Diagnose and Solve Practical Problems in Advanced Materials as applies to Lightweighting

Gain Breadth of Knowledge of Advanced Materials as applies to Lightweighting in various industries

Gain insights into practical problems in Lightweighting through case studies analysis with our Advanced Materials Experts.

Gain Awareness of Cutting-edge Trends in Materials Science and Applications as applies to Lightweighting

LIFT Advanced Materials: Learning Takeaways:

Educate on Lightweight Materials

Understand the Lightweight Materials through modeling and computational materials science

Understanding Advanced Materials by Markets: Automotive and Aerospace

How to use a wide array of Lightweight materials

Improving material properties (such as strength, stiffness, and ductility)

Manufacturing (material cost, production rate, or yield)

Using alloys of advanced materials for specific applications

LIFT Advanced Materials: Targeted Audience:

Incumbent workforce participants from industry and government with a bachelor’s degree in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) discipline. An initial interest survey of topics and guidelines for self-selection in lightweighting materials will be provided to the course participants to assess level of preparedness.

Participants in Target Audience include: Business Leadership, Product Developer, Engineering Manager, Biomedical Engineers, Non-Metallurgists, Space Communications Scientists, Material Scientists, Product Research and End Users.

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