You know you need a website. But you don’t know where to start. Learn how to create a plan and
define your wants and needs. This will help you either clearly define what you will get when working with a web designer or give you the plan you need to complete the website yourself.

Hiring a web design firm to create a website for you can get expensive. And if you don’t really know what you want, part of what they will be charging you for is to help you clarify your ideas. If you are able to determine exactly what you want, and you can give the web design firm a clear plan to complete the website, you will save time, money and effort when developing your site.

In this workshop, learn about what makes a good website and a bad website. Learn about usability and how it affects your online presence. Briefly touch upon best practices for Search Engine Optimization (a lengthy subject in and of itself). Create an actionable plan to develop a website including your information architecture and wireframes. Learn the basics of setting up a WordPress website to be able to set up your own website.

Takeaway: Actionable plan for your website: information architecture and page wireframes


Ari Gunzburg is an award-winning speaker with over a decade of experience in branding, websites, marketing, design and more. Ari is a serial entrepreneur, with multiple businesses that are now sold, stolen, running, or closed. Ari now works primarily as a speaker, giving keynotes, seminars, motivational speeches and more. Ari has 3 amazing children, a wonderful wife, and enjoys the great outdoors while cycling, hiking, and more.

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