Learn about logos and what makes a good logo or a bad logo. Gain an understanding of the role color plays in your branding. Learn about typefaces and the message they send.

Hiring a logo design firm to do a full exploration can easily cost many thousands of dollars. You know your brand better than anyone. Join us for a logo exploration exercise and hire an artist to complete your logo based on your instructions (after the workshop) instead of a branding company to develop your brand for you.

In this workshop, do an exploration for your own logo, making branding decisions on important aspects such as coloring and typography. Also brainstorm possible logo symbols to incorporate, with sketches (no drawing required) and more.

The Takeaway:
Actionable plan for logo creation: logo colors, font selection, and ideas for an icon


Meet The Speaker: Ari Gunzburg

Ari Gunzburg is an award-winning speaker with over a decade of experience in branding, websites, marketing, design and more. Ari is a serial entrepreneur, with multiple businesses that are now sold, stolen, running, or closed. Ari now works primarily as a speaker, giving keynotes, seminars, motivational speeches and more. Ari has 3 amazing children, a wonderful wife, and enjoys the great outdoors while cycling, hiking, and more.



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