Design Thinking is so much more than just “thinking about design.” Rather, it is a technique for innovation that focuses on empathy with users, prototyping, and tolerance for failure. Design Thinking is innovating for your customers, rather than innovating for the sake of innovating.

Why Design Thinking? As many as 80% of failed new product launches cite mis-assessment of customer/market desires or failure to pivot as reasons for failure. The Design Thinking process helps to mitigate or avoid these pitfalls through enabling you to truly understand your customer and the problem you hope to solve, before settling on a solution or product. In this workshop, you will learn and leverage a concrete set of skills and action steps to better understand and solve your customers’ problems.

Who should learn Design Thinking? Anyone that wants to better understand their customers, and to create the products and services that their customers demand. Entrepreneurs, executives, business development pros, marketers, product & project managers, designers, copywriters, and creatives of all backgrounds will benefit from the Design Thinking skillset.

How do I learn to use Design Thinking? On December 7th, 2017 at 6pm, 41 North will host a Design Thinking workshop facilitated by Fehmida Kapadia, President of KapaMed Consulting and Professor of Technology Entrepreneurship and Product and Process Development at Case Western Reserve University. We’ll introduce Design Thinking, and then get our hands dirty by solving real-world problems and building real-life products. You’ll leave with a thorough understanding of how to implement Design Thinking in your innovative process, and hands-on experience to build from. This is an interactive workshop, not just a lecture!

Who’s leading this thing? The workshop will be facilitated by Fehimda Kapadia. Fehmida has been trained in the Design Thinking Methodology at Stanford University’s Design School. She is the founder of KapaMed Consulting, through which she supports and coaches businesses in Innovation Management. She is also an Adjunct Professor at Case Western Reserve University, where she actively uses Design Thinking to create teaching and learning experiences in her classroom.

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