Have you thought about engaging a third party to do any of the following for you and your business?

  • App, Website or Product Development?
  • Putting Together Marketing Materials?
  • Managing Your Media or Business Materials?
  • Helping You Obtain Funding For Your Business?
  • Or Other Plans?

To protect your company’s Intellectual Property, join Grant Steyer, Partner at Renner Otto, as he and his team walk you through some best practices when working with other organizations. They will discuss what you should do before meeting with a contractor, how to use an NDA and how to structure a contract.

Following the discussion, they will host breakout rooms to focus on key concerns based on the type of business you have:

  1. Working with Third-Party Product Developers
  2. Contractors and Creatives – How to Protect Yourselves
  3. Working With Third-Party Content Creators

Using Agreements to Protect Your Business: Protect Yourself when Working with Developers, Open Source Software, and Third Parties

Intellectual Property isn’t just for large companies.

This 3-part series will explore the fundamentals of IP strategy for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Guest speakers from various tech and non-tech businesses will talk through their successes and failures, with input from IP attorneys to discuss the details of IP strategy. The series will encompass an overall understanding of intellectual property, how to work with contractors and branding. Each session will end with breakout sessions so attendees can engage more with entrepreneurs and attorneys.

Dec 7, 2022 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST

Cleveland Small Business Impact Program Showcase

Presented by: JumpStart, In Partnership With The Cleveland Browns
Dec 8, 2022 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST

Toledo Winter Holiday Tech Mixer

Presented by: JumpStart
Dec 9, 2022 6:00 pm EST

Holiday Mixer with JumpStart & Young Latino Network

Presented by: JumpStart
Dec 14, 2022 5:00 pm - 8:30 pm EST

Northwest Ohio Small Business Impact Program Showcase

Presented by: JumpStart
Feb 7 - 8, 2023 EST

3 Rivers Venture Fair

Presented by: 3 Rivers Venture Fair
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