The Innovation Competition At Powering Progress Together
As our world faces the challenge of meeting rising global energy demand with cleaner and more efficient sources, a new wave of innovative, energy technologies, borne of ingenuity and creativity, will play a key role in meeting this challenge.

Do you have the next great energy idea that will transform our cars, our homes or our communities?

The Shell Great Lakes Innovation Competition seeks to bring together the region’s best thinkers and innovators to showcase early stage and growth companies in the Great Lakes region which can jump-start energy transitions across our society and our economy.

Selected companies will present their technology concept to a panel of potential partners and customers representing OEMs, industry groups and the energy sector, with the opportunity to vie for $20,000 in grant support and spark new business relationships.

The competition will take place at the Shell Powering Progress Together forum to be held on Thursday, April 21, 2016 at the Cobo Center in Detroit. The day-long engagement will convene leading thinkers from business, government, academia and civil society to discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by energy transitions towards a low-carbon future.

The Innovation Competition will be open to energy, innovation and transportation companies with a presence in the Great Lakes region. Applicants must have formed companies and technologies past the proof of concept phase which can be applied to solving energy-related issues and challenges, including:

Energy: Upstream, transportation, retail, etc.
Mobility: Data aggregation and analytics, optimization, etc.
Home: Energy efficiency, storage, controls, automation, etc.
Cities: Optimization, smart cities, etc.

Applicants must submit their application by Midnight (Eastern Time) on Friday, March 18, 2016.


Competition Rules

  1. All applications must be the original work of those making the submission.
  2. Online applications for the company competition are due by Midnight (Eastern Time) on Friday, March 18, 2016.
  3. Applicants risk disqualification if they attempt to approach a judge, or have someone do that on their behalf, in connection with the competition.
  4. The decisions of the judges are final, including interpretation of the rules.
  5. Participants are responsible for their own intellectual property. All applications and materials are shared on a non-confidential basis.
  6. All participants must comply with the rules. Any violation of the rules will disqualify an Entrant’s team from the competition, and result in forfeiture of any awards awarded to the team.
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