In celebration of Promise Partners 30th anniversary this year, we will be hosting an Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (ETA) Symposium on October 27th at the Tinkham Veale Center on the campus of Case Western Reserve University. Since our organization’s founding, Promise Partners has supported 60 Clevelanders who have purchased just over 80 businesses.

At this inaugural Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Symposium (ETA),Promise Partners will bring together current private business owners and potential business owners, along with current Promise members, to highlight this emerging ETA concept.

Potential Business Owners can expect to…

  • learn how Promise Partners has helped over 60 Clevelanders go from employee to owner.
  • learn about private business valuation, the buy/sell process, best practices, and “Do’s” and “Don’ts.”
  • network with like-minded people and learn from them.

Current Private Business Owners can expect to…

  • learn how you might sell your business to someone like yourself instead of a competitor or buyer that may not truly value your team members.
  • learn why an experienced manager would want to work for your company at a salary you can afford.

If you have ever thought about purchasing a business, are interested in learning more, or currently own a private business, this event is for you! This half-day program will feature general sessions about ETA, breakout sessions for each audience, and lots of collaborative time. Space is limited – register today!

About Promise Partners…

Promise Partners is a non-profit organization that helps those with entrepreneurial DNA and commitment achieve their dream of business ownership. We help less experienced members navigate their career paths towards the goal of business ownership. We help more experienced members buy existing companies or earn their way into ownership. Many other organizations help with start-ups. We are not aware of any other organization in the world that does what we do. To date, 60 members have become business owners. Many have said they could not have done it without us.

Dec 8, 2022 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST

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