Event Recap: How To Get Your Next 100 Sales Leads

Ryan O’Donnell understands that great ideas don’t sell themselves. As co-founder and CEO of Cleveland-based SellHack, a sales prospecting and lead generation tool, he has set out to ensure the profitability of great products and services.

On September 14, Ryan led an interactive discussion, How To Get Your Next 100 Sales Leads, where he explained how technology can eliminate time-consuming manual processes—freeing time for entrepreneurs and sales teams to build relationships and close deals.

Ryan notes that one of the biggest mistakes organizations make in the sales process is failing to leverage technology to automate certain parts of the process. While doing things manually may save money up front, the wasted time often leads to missed opportunities.

Establishing a plan that outlines exactly what you need to do and how much time you need to invest to generate a paying customer is crucial to creating predictability within your sales cycle. In addition, Ryan stresses practicing the prospecting process and remaining relentless in the pursuit of a meeting. Salespeople that give up after one call or email will not be successful, as it takes on average, five touchpoints before a meeting is secured.

If you missed the event or want to know more about bettering your sales process, check out the video below where Ryan explains some of the finer points of prospecting and lead generation.



To explore these topics in even greater detail, download Ryan’s e-book, “Beat the Inbox.”